Shen Wei at NCMA

17 07 2012

Well, probably the coolest aspect of my Fellowship at ADF has to be the opportunity to see some of the world’s finest dance companies (along with the chance to work on an awesome archival collection…obviously).

Tickets that survived the trip from the theater to my apartment in my black hole of a purse.

For someone that didn’t have much of a dance background, this has been really, really amazing.  I think my favorite performance (until tonight, anyways) has to have been Kyle Abraham / Abraham.In.Motion’sRadio Show.”  The dancers were incredibly powerful and athletic, yet equally fluid.  The choreography was intensely personal with a storyline that paid homage to Abraham’s father, a victim of Alzheimers and aphasia.  Other performances that I attended included Keigwin + Company, Pilobolus Dance Theatre (an unbelievably conceptual performance), Ragamala, and a few others that I’m sure I’m forgetting…most likely due to the fact that my ticket stubs seemed to jump out of my purse the minute I sat down in the theater.

In something of an “icing on the cake” move, today was another crazy performance and I was lucky enough to score a ticket to see Shen Wei Dance Arts‘ “Undivided Divided” at the

Keeping this one under lock and key

North Carolina Museum of Art. This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as the piece is a site-specific work and is guaranteed to be slightly different depending on location.  Thus far, it’s been performed at a number of institutions and I just feel incredibly lucky to have had the chance to see it at NCMA!

I think this weekend is going to be pretty great too, Paul Taylor on Saturday with “Aureole” is one I’m definitely excited about as it was performed at the Harper Theater Dance Festival – feels like I’m going full circle with my archival work and my performance attendance!  You know, just another day at the office…




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17 07 2012

Hi Amanda – So wonderful you get to experience ADF during the summer. Enjoy all the performances and good luck with the archiving! – Kat Bell, 2011 DHC Fellow

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