Picture this…

24 07 2012

So, it’s my last week here and I was flipping through my phone and found a TON of photos that, for whatever reason, never made the blog.  I would be completely remiss if I didn’t share these with you, dear readers, so please accept my apologies…the photos are pretty much just a few of my favorite things from the collections that I’ve worked on that didn’t make the blog until now.

Something to note…included in the gallery are a few pictures of some very “unique” cigarette ads that I found in old programs – I found that 60% of the ads from programs in the ’70s were cigarette ads, 30% high-end liquor, and maybe 10% luxury goods.  Tells you something about the audience expected at performances and social mores of the time period.

Now…click on the first thumbnail and you’ll be able to flip through larger versions of the photos.  Enjoy!




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